Assembly of the EasyFloor composite system

The assembly of the EasyFloor composite system is quick and easy. For the assembly you need: a drill driver, a screwdriver, a measuring tape, a spirit level.

To facilitate self-assembly, we have prepared a detailed instruction showing step by step its subsequent stages. Soon, an instructional video will also appear on our website.

Decking installation instruction (PDF)

  • pictogram 2-1
  • pictogram 2-2
  • pictogram 2-3
  • pictogram 2-4
  • pictogram 2-5

    Additional remarks regarding the preparations for assembly

  • There is no need for damp-proof insulation.
  • The joists are laid directly on an even concrete screed (or concrete blocks).
  • Store the profiles on stable and even surfaces to avoid deformation.
  • Stored materials should be protected against rain and exposure to sunlight.
  • The changes in WPC shrinkage due to temperature should be taken into account and the dilatation when joining boards should be maintained.
  • There should be no outlets under the terrace; please check  if the surface is properly drained.
  • In the case of an impermeable substrate, an appropriate decline should be provided (minimum 1 cm per 2 m) to ensure water drainage.