EasyFloor composite terrace decking system

The EasyFloor composite terrace system is a solution created for those who, planning the construction of a terrace, balcony or exterior wall cladding, want to combine the aesthetic value of wood with unique installation and use parameters.

The balconies, terraces and exterior wall cladding made of the EasyFloor composite system are simple and quick to assemble. They are safe to use - they have a non-slip surface. Their aesthetic qualities are in no way inferior to wooden boards. They do not require any maintenance and their aesthetic appearance can be enjoyed for many years of use.

Elegance and prestige
Elegance and prestige
Safety in use
Safety in use
Cost saving and comfort
Cost saving and comfort
Fast, aasy to assemble
Fast, easy to assemble
Fire resistance
Fire resistance
Cfl-s1 class (limited contribution to fire)

All products of the EasyFloor composite terrace system are made of WPC (wood-plastic composite). It is a very durable composite, resistant to weather conditions, fungi, molds or wood pests typical of wood (e.g. bark beetles), composed of wood (60% of wood flour), high density polyethylene (40% of HDPE) and chemical additives (10% of UV stabilizers, colour). Our products have a five-year warranty and all necessary certificates and approvals.

As part of the EasyFloor composite terrace system, we offer all the elements necessary to make the terrace, balcony or exterior wall cladding - composite boards and tiles, as well as accessories for their assembly: composite joists, finishing strips, corner trims and slats and fixing clips.

Terrace decking boards

EasyFloor terrace decking boards – for terraces, stairs, platforms, footbridges

EasyFloor terrace decking boards are offered in two variants: Luca boards grooved on both sides, with dimensions 105x20x2200 mm, and Rona boards, grooved on one side, with dimensions 135x25x2400 mm. Both Luca and Rona boards are available in brown or charcoal grey colours.

Decking tiles

EasyFloor decking tiles – for balconies and terraces

EasyFloor terrace tiles are especially designed for making balcony floors and terraces of smaller areas. Their assembly is quick and simple, it does not require the use of many tools or the use of joists. On an even surface, we spread out the tiles that are press-fitted together. We offer tiles grooved on one side, dimensions 300x300x28 mm, available in two colours (brown, charcoal grey).

Siding panels

Easyfloor exterior wall cladding boards - protection and decoration of the exterior wall

We offer composite siding panels (exterior wall cladding boards) with dimensions of 145x20,5x2200 mm, with a smooth profile, in three colour variants (brown, grey, yellow). Easyfloor exterior wall cladding boards are a protective and decorative element of every building. They blend in perfectly with the Easyfloor terrace decking boards, creating a uniform, stylistic whole.

Mounting accessories

Mounting accessories

Composite joists, finishing strips, corner trims and slats and fixing clips.